What to Consider When Selecting Your Pool Fence

Are you looking for a stylish fencing solution for your pool, one that offers optimum safety and security while complementing your pool and surrounding outdoor area? Increase the value of your home while creating an ambient environment with our statement making glass pool fencing.

A new report by the Royal Life Saving Society has revealed a 30% national increase in drowning’s of children aged 5 and under, reversing an historic downward trend. Such stark findings when coupled with statistics which show over 17% of the Queensland population enjoy pool ownership* choosing the right pool fence has never been more critical.

Factors to Consider When Choosing your Pool Fence

Location of the pool: What direction is your pool facing? Is the pool sheltered naturally from the elements? Do you live in a coastal or mountainous area? The positioning of your pool will play a significant role in choosing the most suitable pool fence for your needs.

Safety requirements: To ensure your glass pool fencing is fully compliant take steps to ensure the pool safety barrier height is at least 1200mm from top to bottom. Remove any climbable objects within 900mm of the pool safety enclosure and the installation of fixed security screens on any windows that may open into the pool enclosure is highly recommended.

In Queensland the pool safety standard is the QDC MP 3.4 and the Australian Standard (AS) 1926–2007 Parts 1 and 2 as modified by the QDC. Please note that later versions of the Australian Standard do not apply in Queensland unless they are adopted by a new version of the QDC. The team at Complete Design Fabrication will be able to advise and navigate all of these requirements and more.

The size of your pool and outdoor area: The size and space immediately surrounding your pool area can help determine the most suitable fencing structure. For example a smaller area may benefit from a glass pool fence giving the illusion of greater space. Likewise an infinity pool is beautifully complemented by glass pool fencing, offering an unobstructed vista of your surroundings.

Complete Design Fabrication offers custom designed bespoke pool fencing that includes a select choice of glass, aluminium and stainless steel fencing options. Glass pool fencing is the preferred fencing solution for thousands of Queenslanders and delivers the following benefits:

  • Glass offers a secure and safe structure particularly with children as there are no horizontal bars in which to access the pool enclosure.
  • Is a superior aesthetic choice, both contemporary and classic, and allows for an unobstructed view of your outdoor entertainment area, your home and gardens.
  • Offers protection as a wind barrier, which is vital in both hilly and coastal areas. The glass also creates and filters the warmth from the sun in the colder months and helps to eliminate wind borne evaporation.

From the 30th November 2015 all pool fences and barriers must comply with the current pool safety laws as determined by the Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works. Call the team at Complete Design Fabrication who will coordinate, design, manufacture and install your fence of choice while ensuring a fully compliant and stylish fencing solution for your pool and home.

For further information on our pool fencing options please call +61 (0) 7 5437 6599 for a personal consultation today.