Benefits of Using Aluminium Balustrading

Aluminium Balustrades and aluminium privacy screens give a sophisticated and contemporary appeal to your house. If you’re renovating or building a new home choose materials that convey quality and durability. Use aluminium for balustrading and other home features to provide you with stylish surroundings and enhance your home’s street appeal.

Designing for the Brisbane climate and lifestyle

Brisbane is a warm climate city known for its distinctive architecture and love of modern design trends. The people of Brisbane enjoy a relaxed, warm climate lifestyle but are also prepared for the damaging thunderstorms that bring hailstones, torrential rain and battering winds that arrive in the summer months.

Aluminium is an ideal product for giving your home a stylish look and for withstanding everything the Brisbane climate can throw at it.

Aluminium balustrades are practical and beautiful

Balustrades are an important design feature in many homes. They need to provide safety and they need to look beautiful. Balustrades are used principally to prevent people from falling off heights – stairs, balcony’s and porches, and rooftops. Are you concerned about the integrity of any of your existing balustrades? Did you inherit an eyesore when you bought your new home? We can design and manufacture a solution for you that incorporates safety and beauty to create a compelling architectural feature.

Complete Design Fabrication has over a decade’s experience manufacturing and installing aluminium balustrades. We know the building regulations and we monitor emerging trends. All of our products and services meet Australian and Local Building Standards. We consider all these aspects so that we can deliver you the best advice and result for your project.

Aluminium privacy screens are easy to install and complement any space

Aluminium privacy screens are an ideal way to create stylish backdrops in your house and garden. Use them to hide bins, water tanks or utility service infrastructure, or use a privacy screen to create a feature of your BBQ, pool or other areas in your garden.
Aluminium privacy screens can be fitted to your balcony, patio, deck or spa to create private spaces in your house and garden.

Aluminium is safe and easy to care for

Aluminium retains its popularity as a building material for balustrades and privacy screens because it is a strong, light material that retains its shape and needs little maintenance. We use the latest innovations in manufacturing practices to produce high performing and beautiful looking aluminium.
Aluminium is corrosion resistant which makes it a safer option than most other materials. Timber needs regular maintenance and can rot, shrink and warp, wrought iron can rust and corrode. Give yourself peace of mind by knowing family and visitors to your house are safe.

Cleaning aluminium is simple – wipe down with a wet sponge or use a mild household detergent to remove dust and other deposits.

Your time is precious – avoid materials that will see you spending future weekends carrying out maintenance and repair duties.

A beautiful house and garden with versatile aluminium

Aluminium is strong and durable while also providing visual beauty and freedom of design. Our team will work with you to create a balustrade or privacy panel that suits your style aesthetic and budget.

Bring your design inspiration ideas to us and we’ll help design the ideal solution for your home.

Give your home a contemporary look with aluminium balustrading and privacy screens. Call Customer Design Fabrications today for a quote