Custom-Made Aluminium Gates In Brisbane

Welcome to Complete Design Fabrication (CDF) for an excellent range of custom-made aluminium gates and balustrades.

We design, manufacture, and supply custom-made aluminium gates in Brisbane based on the specific needs of our customers. Not only that, but we also install and offer regular maintenance to make our service comprehensive and seamless.

Our Expertise And Technology Gives You The Right Solution

At Complete Design Fabrication, we have more than a decade of expertise in manufacturing custom aluminium gates. We make unique aluminium gates – including driveway gates in Brisbane – that aesthetically and functionally appeal to our customers.

We are always keen on investing in the latest technology, and it helps us to offer what our customers appreciate the most: resilient gating solutions. We design and supply automatic gates for our Brisbane customers that come with minimal maintenance and credited for high performance.

These driveway gates feature electric locks, and you can operate them with a remote control. We spent 18 months to design a custom cutting machine that can cut batten and louvred screens in no time. It has made our gate manufacturing simplified, efficient, fast, and cost-effective.

Varied Styles, Choice For Everyone

At Complete Design Fabrication, we are focused on providing countless choices to our customers. You have the option to choose aluminium gates in different designs, colours, and sizes. Do you want to choose a manual gate system over automatic gates? We also provide driveway gates with swing open feature, slide side to side, slide open and close, and more.

You can also choose automatic sliding gates that run along tracks or operated by a cantilever system. Note that all our automatic sliding gate systems come with highly reliable motor systems to provide efficient operations.

High-Quality Manufacturing Standards, Lasting Solutions

We follow high-quality manufacturing standards, and this starts with sourcing the materials for making our fencing and gate solutions. We source high-quality aluminium from the leading makers of the industry and choose the most reliable hardware for our gates.

We have an in-house powder coating plant, and that means you can choose aluminium gates in an excellent range of colours and finishes. With powder coating, your gate will be more resistant against chipping, scratches, fading, and wear. We also have established quality control measures to ensure that our customers are getting the finest driveway gates Brisbane and fencing solutions.

All these make our gate and fencing systems highly durable and providing excellent performance.

Choose Electric Driveway Gates That Match Your Property Architecture

We have a team of aluminium gates experts with several years of experience in providing solutions for residential properties, commercial projects, and high-rise developments. We are specific to offering gating solutions that match the property architecture and lifestyle of our customers.

Call us today on (07) 5437 6599 or connect with us online to choose the right driveway gates Brisbane solution for your world. With our automatic gating solutions, we want to make the living space of our customers better controlled and optimally secured.