For Aluminium Balustrades in Brisbane, look no Further.

Our aluminium balustrades are custom designed to your vision for your new home, renovation or development project.

Our Balustrades are built in-house

We manufacture the majority of our products in our powder-coating facility. This enables us to rely on third-parties less, ensure the finished project measures up to our standards and provide you with the best possible work at a significantly reduced price.
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We Give You More Choice

We create products to give you an impressive choice of colours and styles, including:

  • Round, square or oval balusters
  • Vertical bar inserts
  • Glass inserts (clear or tinted)
  • Custom inserts
  • Stainless steel wire
  • Fixed or adjustable louvres or battens
  • Timber top rails

Why Choose Us?

Besides their great design, our aluminium balustrades:

  • Lasts longer than timber and steel
  • Less maintenance required than traditional materials
  • Significantly less expensive than stainless steel
  • A totally rust-free metal – great for pools and homes around the seaside
  • Our powder-coating will give you many years free from the hassle of repainting and maintenance

Contact us to find out more

Our expert team can work with you to create that unique, practical and cost effective design that suits the needs of your project. Give us a call at +61 (0) 7 5437 6599 to talk with our team . Contact us today if you are looking for aluminium balustrades in Sunshine Coast, we are excited to work with you.
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